How can i scale the image

How can i add a image in circle. Always the image are in square or rectangle. I want to have image in circle. No option seen,

Got suggestion from Yinon Raviv to add a Title Component but i cant scale or make bigger in size.

Any suggestion. Thanks


Title Component on a Details Layout. Use circle image (right side).

yes i want to make it large its small in size.

As shown above, The doctor image is small and i want to scale / make it large with the red circle and then button.

This will require some image-manipulation. Check out Cloudinary or Canva; Frames to do this.

If you search Cloudinary in the forum you’ll find some wizardry!

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I would still suggest Cloudinary for this but if you want a CSS solution here it is.


[data-test="app-image-carousel"] img {
border-radius: 60%;
width: 300px !important;
height: 300px !important;
border: red solid;

[data-test="app-image-carousel"] {
padding: 0px 35px;

This is using an image component with a square setup.


He strikes again! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::nerd_face:

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It also works with a carousel, looks pretty cool in my opinion.

wow thats what i was looking for. Thanks

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