How can I restore a deleted tab?

Guys please tell there is a way to resore a lost tab?
While I was editing it suddenly started acting out and opening a new browser window each time I would click on moving to the layout from the data screen.
finally when I reopened the browser I was logged out and a full tab that I work on for about 6 hours was gone :fearful:
Please help

Ouch! :cold_sweat:
I’m not aware of any way to restore a tab, unfortunately.
Maybe a couple of things to try/check…

  • Check your hidden tabs, maybe it was accidentally hidden?
  • Exit the builder to the Glide dashboard, then open the app again

That’s all I can really think of, sorry… maybe others might have some ideas.

you are lucky is only 6h of work… i lost 2 weeks of work… there is nothing you can do that i know of ;-(

Backing up every 30 min from now on :expressionless: