How can I make sure that the product card, where the data has already been filled, does not appear or is highlighted in a different color?

Hi to all
A question arose during work.
Briefly about the essence of the application.
I choose a company, on the next screen I see a list of cars and for each car I need to fill in three items: status, date, mileage, after that I click on the button and return to the screen with cars.
The question is whether it is possible to make the car for which the data has already been filled be marked, for example, in green or not be displayed in the list.

A short video of how it works now.

I think what you are looking for is an image overlay, which is something we used to have in Glide Classic Apps, but is not currently available for the new Apps.

A couple of options:

  • Firstly, a simple option would be to use a template plus if-then-else column to conditionally add a coloured emoji to the vehicle name, and display this in place of the name.
  • A more complicated option would be to use Cloudinary to add your own overlay to the image based on the status. This option is a lot more work to setup, but is probably closer to what you are looking for.

This part is easy. You would just need an if-then-else column something like:

  • If Status is empty, then null (leave empty)
  • If Date is empty, then null
  • If Mileage is empty, then null
  • Else true

And then you can filter the collection to only show vehicles where the if-then-else column is checked.

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Thanks for advise, I waill try.