How can I make private, per-user notes?

I am working on a conference app, based on one of the Glide templates, and would like to be able to have conference participants take notes and have those notes be private to each participant (as opposed to feeding to the spreadsheet or changing things for everyone). Is that possible?

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You could make a notes tab in your spreadsheet, with a row owned by each attendee using the per-user data filtering. You’d need at least two columns: the user email, and the notes column.

Then display this as a tab in the app, with per-user filtering and the details layout. This will create a ‘Profile’ page for each user. Then just add a Notes or Text Entry component, and you will have private notes for each logged-in user.


@david: That essentially creates one note that the user can edit. However, what if I want to add a timestamp to the latest edit? Additionally, how can a user create multiple Notes items (like in the iOS Notes app)?

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Excellent observation, I agree TSam - a timestamp or the option to choose which note belonged to which session on the conference agenda

You can filter a list of notes per user. You can use the Current Time special value to record when a note was last edited.

@david, Special Values are not listed in the Components list for Notes. User filter works perfectly.

Can you explain what you mean by this? A note is a component, so I don’t quite follow what you mean by a components list for notes. The concept I explain here, along with per data should give you what you want. The form button could be used to add notes, and edit mode in each existing note would allow for updates to the note.

Using the Form component is a nice workaround for the Notes component. What I meant earlier about special values is that when I follow @david‘s method using the Notes component, I do not see special values in the list of components since all I have on the sheet are the email column and the note column. If I add a form to the tab I might be able to do that.

I’m going to try to put all concepts into this one app. I’ve set up how I would handle notes. Since this is a public app, per user data is not applied, but in a real world situation, it would have per user data in place. Hopefully this gives you some ideas. Notes are tied to the user entering the note and the date updates whenever the not is added or edited. The link to the sheet is included in the app.

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@Jeff_Hager, that 's an excellent solution combining form and notes components. Greatly appreciate your time and effort. I was able to implement it following your example. THANK YOU!

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