How can I know this order is new

I have listed orders in a list.i need to know which all orders are to do this?

You can set a new column named “status” which will be blank by default when a new item is created, then add a button setting the column value of a certain row to “In Progress” or “Completed” and then filter all items that are blank.

I want the order status to be completed manually in order admin app like,packed yet deliver and then the delivery boy manually should change to package deliver.

Then when users create a new order just write a “New” value by default to the “Status” column @Iftach mentioned above. Is there anything else that prevents you from doing so?

You can call the progress steps as you like, furthermore, you can even use choice component to present the exact options you want or even display buttons for each rule based on the current step of an order (for example, delivery boy will see in his homepage only active deliverys assigned to him, and have button to mark as completed)

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