How can I give a different contents access to users?

I’m selling an article emailing service.

People pay by issue and each issue contains 20 articles.
I send each article Mon-Fri for 4 weeks by email.

I’m building an app to sell previous issues so users need different access level base on their payment history.

For example, some user will have an access to issue 1, 2 or issue 2,3.

I have a small quantity users so I can give access manually.

How can I manage the user’s accessibility?

Please help me!

If you’re willing to do manual work then I think you can have a column in user profiles sheet with comma-separated name of articles the user has bought.

In the articles tab, filter items by name (of article) is included in user’s purchased list.

For example, has bought Issue 1 and Issue 2 so in the purchased list you input “Issue 1, Issue 2”.