How can I display a list of "users" table?

Hey everyone,
I’m trying to display a list of all the users from the “users” table but it only shows my details.
Here’s my table:

It gets displayed just my name and avatar, everything else gets ignored.
What shall I do in order to display a list of all the users?

A couple of points from your screen shot.

  • Firstly, you have Row Owners applied to your email column. Row Owners is a security feature that prevents anyone from viewing data that they don’t “own” (the data is not downloaded to the users device)
  • Secondly, you are viewing the data as “anyone”. When you do this, you would see the same as somebody that is not signed into your app. In this case, the expected result would be that no rows would be visible.

I think the first thing you need to do is decide is if you need Row Owners or not. If you don’t, then the easiest “fix” will be to simply remove that from your Email column.


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