Hour-1 return for a button "Current Date/Time"

Hello. I have a problem on my app since few weeks.
I have a button that create a row in my Airtable base with the current date/time.
But the hour return is not the right hour, there is 1 hour of difference.

Even if i change the hour of the mobile phone, the hour changes but there is always a difference of 1 hour. The type of the column doesn’t matter I think.

I put screenshot to explain more.

Can someone help me please ! Thank you

I think there’s a specific problem with how Airtable handles this since I see people mention this every few months.

If this issue still persists, please get support from within Glide while the app is open by selecting the “?” button at the bottom right. That will bring you to a support page, which currently has an “Open Support Ticket” link.