Hotjar in Glide pages?


It is possible add a snippet code in the head of glide pages? or some way for do this? i need use Hotjar for see how the people use my project.


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no need for that, use the Java

Hi Uzo,

can you tell me more about that? Sorry, Java is not my best skill.

I mean, if Hotjar is a software that can recording the user interaction and clicks in a video. Why do you said that better use Java? some example?


oh sorry… in a video? not my specialty.

It’s not possible to add code snippets to Glide pages, but I did hear a Hotjar integration was in the works… Has anyone heard anything about this recently?

Not sure where you heard that, but I don’t think I have seen it mentioned recently.

I’ve seen it, but don’t remember where this was. See bottom of screenshot.

I don’t think I have seen it mentioned recently in the Slack for beta testers. Not sure if it’s planned for the future. Your screenshot is from a very early version of that though, since then they have changed its name to Integrations.

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