Horizontal grid collection with two rows

Hello everyone!

I’m trying to increase the number of rows for the horizontal grid collection from 1 (by default) to 2.

Understand there is not an option for this within the component. Alternatively, I have also tried using other blocks and could not replicate the desired output.

If not possible using Glide off-the-shelf components, would it be possible to customize the “Horizontal grid collection” using CSS to increase it to 2 rows (instead of 1)?

Thank you in advance!

Have you tried using 2 collection components? If so, why is it not giving you the output you want?

Expected behavior: if the user scrolls horizontally, the whole grid (both rows) should move. My understanding is that if I use 2 collection components, only 1 of them will horizontally scroll at a time.

Glide doesn’t have this as a native option.


Can it be then achieved as a non-native option? i.e.: CSS/custom component?

Maybe through CSS? I tried messing around with flex-wrap but couldn’t make it work.