High Level Math

I have been working on an application that will help with engineering problem solving. I need higher level math functions, but I am not able to find any way of integrating those functions. Is there a way to integrate trig and calculus functions?

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Which functions do you need in particular?

Some Trig functions are supported in Google Sheets. You could do your math there and then have Glide pull in the final result. It would be super convoluted, but you could probably even create your own limited scientific calc add on in Glide with functions like SIN and whatnot using the choice component with inline list, a template column and corresponding rich text component to display the formula as its being built, and then send the final result to sheets for it to interpret your work, do the math, and then send back results. It would be super laggy. And a lot of sheet updating, so not for a free account, I’d say.

Here’s a Calculus add on for Sheets as well:


But yeah, Glide devs, higher level math would be very important for a lot of us to make a complete severing of ties from google sheets. For example, some of my app’s math outside of Glide includes LOG, LOG10, POWER, etc.

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I would need at the very least these functions for simple calculations. ( sin, cos, tan, arcsin, acos, arctan ). I can live without calc functions, but really in the mechanical engineering world you need the trig functions.

Thanks for the suggestion John, I already knew sheets can do all of the functions I need. As you stated earlier it is the lag and the talking back and forth that really prevents me from using sheets too heavily. With how long the delay is, it would be better for me to just log in directly to google sheets and use the cells as inputs. My goal in all of this was to make it more user friendly for phone users, as well as not looking so much like a spreadsheet for those that get intimidated by lots of columns and dense data.


Yeah, I figured. And I agree with you 100%. Just figured I’d throw it out there.



My apologies, I do not know what “shipped” means exactly. Is this a good thing?

Yes. Means the feature is now available.


To be clear, here are the supported calculations as of now.

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There are additional ones that aren’t listed in the docs. I had tried it when Mark mentioned they were shipped and I tried again now and found the following:

sin, cos, tan, log, asin, acos, atan

Not sure if there are others.


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