Hide column label

I am building an app that can list and deliver Walking Tours of a given area. I need to figure out how to hide column labels from a screen so that it looks less like a filled out form and more like a traditional document. So, for example here is a view of a screen:

I would like to change the template (or for that matter, the entire project) so labels like “Text1” do not appear when the information is presented on the screen.

Does anyone know what I’m missing in the various help documents and video tutorials to accomplish this? Thanks.

Just don’t use an action text component. Use rich text or text components

Also you can just select Custom for the title and keep it blank.

Robert and Jeff,

Thank you both for your replies. I have gone with the Custom representation for the title since it sticks with the default chosen by Glide for the mapping from the spreadsheet to the Glide screen.

– Harry

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