Hi I'm Yinon Raviv

Hi All,

My name is Yinon Raviv and I’m from Israel.
Used to be in high-tech for 15yrs in sales,Biz Dev and BU managing.
Today, I have my own company for Business consulting and Office lecturing named Configura (as I Consult to customers and Configure systems).
In my company, part of the consulting include building a complex systems based on Excel and Google Sheets such as budgets, pricers, operations and inventory, finance etc. and for the last few month also building Glide apps to my customers which LOVE it almost as much as I do.
As guy which love all things Google and basically lives in Google’s cloud, the systems and lectures I’m doing includes and consist of many of the google tools (besides Sheets of course, dahhh) such as Drive, Slides, Docs, Forms, Sites and data studio so if you have a question which you think I can help you with, don’t hesitate and ask :smiley:.

I feel fortunate to be part of this community and be part of something so innovative as Glide and to be the person who help bring the news to the Israeli crowd.