Hi, I'm David Siegel, CEO of Glide

Hello! I’m David, CEO of Glide. Here’s a picture of the founders of Glide, I’m the one with the arrows:

I grew up in Minnesota, and studied Philosophy and Computer Engineering in school.

I recorded a podcast where I explain the origin of Glide and why we’re doing it.

When I’m not working on Glide, I like to:

  • Ride my bike around San Francisco
  • Hike around beaches and forests
  • Swim, especially in natural water
  • Read books by David Deutsch, Borges, Wodehouse
  • Listen to music—especially dubstep while sweating on the elliptical these days
  • Talk in a baby voice to dogs
  • Drink wine with friends and discuss ethical & personal issues posed by technology

Happy to be here with all of you!


No way! What part of Minne are u from?? I’m grew up in Waconia.

The people on this thread:

Never heard @david explain lists and choices using “Matzah” as an example.

BTW: I tried to find that video on YouTube to post here, no luck!


Glad to hear I’m not the only one living in SF! Also, didn’t you quit Microsoft to create Glide? You have to have a lot of guts to do that! :star_struck:


2:40 :rofl:

Okay… :rofl:

Hi Samuel from Singapore , I work for a Taxi Company and I am very interested in exploring dashboards.

Hi, have you tried making an app from a sample spreadsheet? Do you need help or you want to explore things yourself first? Feel free to let us know.

Hi ThinhDinh, I am trying to make a Driver Matching app with Glide , meaning I have a Group of Hirer’s ( Taxi ) and I also have another Group of Partners ( Relief’s and Super Relief’s) and I would to allow each group member find a partner in the other group. I also want to limit the number of parrtners paired not more than 1. Meaning 1 hirer and 1 Relief can be paired , if a second hirer wants to join I set the rule not to be able to pair. Can you suggest the tools I can use within Glide to be able to create this.

I’m thinking you can have a setup like this.

Have a Profiles sheet with the Roles column populated with “Hirer” and “Partner”.

In the “Find a match” tab in the app, you show profiles that have a Roles column that is not the signed-in user’s role.

Which means Hirers can only see Partners and vice versa.

Then have a “match” sheet to store a form submission. If a hirer wants to match with a partner/relief, then a form will collect both emails. Then you make a relation of the email to the “Match” sheet. If a Partner/Relief has that relation as a “Not empty”, then hide the form button.

I find it funny how you quit microsoft to found a company based on google sheets

He is smart, Google is powerful in cloud apps, sheets is one of the Smartest products in Google compared to any other products

Welldone @david :muscle: