Hi, I'm Amanda!

Hey nice to meet you all! First off, I’d like to say how awesome this community is. It’s been really cool to see how engaged everyone is, and your willingness to help others (and how quickly you get responses). That’s been incredibly helpful as part of my initial journey working with Glide.

I’m originally from Toronto, spent the last 7 years in SF, and recently moved to San Diego for a change of pace (and rent costs, ha)!

I have a background in startups, email marketing, growth product management. I’ve been running an influencer marketing agency for the last 3 years and am working on automating a lot of the manual processes, as well as creating a CRM for my clients. After exploration with Bubble, Airtable, Webflow and Notion, I’m really glad to have landed on Glide.

Looking forward to meeting you all!


Welcome to the community, Amanda! As you’ve probably already noticed, we love to showcase and collaborate on solutions in this forum. Happy to have you among the fold given your experience with other nocode apps.

Welcome to Glide!!