Hi Gliders!

Hello from Russia!
I just started here, and hope there are a lot of features which i need.
Am going to build an App to support Continues Improvements and OKR for SME.


Hi Alexey, a welcome from Italy.
I think you can find a lot of useful things here and also a lot of helpful and knowledgeable people.
For mine curiosity: what does OKR mean?


I’m Roddy from the Island of St. Martin. New at this app building stuff. Looking forward in learning some new stuff. Thanks

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OKR stands for “Objectives and key results”. It’s a nice topic, us at LowCode.agency have also built a template app for that.


Hi Roldy!
ThinhDinh answered first and right!
And what is the subject of your last app?

Be healthy,

Hi Lion Roddy!
What is your app about?

be healthy!

I was just trying out the Online Radio Library app available here on glide. Having some issues getting it to work.
Check out SXM MEDIA ONLINE: https://sxmmediaonline.glideapp.io/