HenPekk - feedback please!

Hi Everyone,

I’m happy to introduce HenPekk an innovative MOBILE app designed to help individuals in relationships discreetly log and analyze instances where they feel ‘henpecked.’ This tool aims to identify patterns and triggers in these interactions and, through a unique feature, offers insights and professional advice for improving communication and understanding between partners.

Here’s how it works: Users hit ‘Let’s Go’ to start a 48-hour logging period, during which they can tap a ‘peck’ button to record an event, which gets automatically categorized. Henpeck analyzes these incidents, offering users an anonymous feed of ‘pecks’ from others to compare and contrast their experiences. In the end, it presents a summary of your triggers and tailored couples’ therapy advice for resolution.

Your feedback would be great. We’re particularly interested in your take on the app’s UX/UI, functionality, and any additional features you think could enhance the user experience. Feel free to create hypothetical scenarios within the app to test its capabilities. Please remember that all interactions are anonymous, safeguarding user privacy - just create a random username.

Thank you for your time and insights!

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Love the app!

A few things:

  1. URL slug: You can rename the URL with a proper name using the Navigation: Slug

  2. Instead of typing out the Pekk!, Glide has audio recording feature and can transcribe it using speech to text. You may even want to get a read on the current state of moods/emotion. This can later be used to check on improvements.

  3. Currently the end state of the app stops at Tips. Yes the AI can analyze and generates solutions, but we can definitely do more with the chunk of text.
    To add value to your app, You can explore providing Actionable steps to encourage proactive engagement from the user.
    Simply identify a few steps and reword your prompt to write the actionable steps in JSON format. Then you can work the JSON into your solution steps. I know it sounds complicated, I will be sharing something that i have created on this. Stay tune~

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Thanks for the feedback… appreciated.

On (2) - that’s only available for business users. Plus, I’m not sure about the benefit. With every mobile you can dictate instead of type and that works fine.

On (3) After the 48h tracking is up the App does exactly you as propose :slight_smile: An option appears to analyze all your input and provides a nice overview plus advice how to resolve any issues. At any time you can always tap Categorize to view a running summary of Pekks, sorted by category that allows you to benchmark vs other people.

Indeed the goal is to track over 48h and then reveal your personal consultancy :slight_smile: