Help with the topic of products

Hello guys, I have a question, I am creating a store only for a wholesaler, it has more than 2000 products, it asks me for some points:

1 - Is it possible to massively import the products with images to the application?

2 - It will be possible to put a tool that allows to change the prices automatically with parameters or percentages?

If anyone can help me, I would be super grateful.

  1. Yes. You can import a CSV directly into Glide Tables.
  2. Depends how you plan to manipulate the prices, but yes, you can. Internally, you can use a math column to modify the prices based on percentages. Externally, you can probably find a way to modify the prices based on automations that reference the products’ row ids.

Thanks for the prompt response, let’s see if I understand since I’m new, if I generate a formula internally in the same data file of my application, wouldn’t it affect its operation? Could you guide me a bit if you are very kind, thank you

Maybe this will help:

It should be noted that there is no way to bulk import images into Glide - only links to images. What I mean is that if you have your images stored elsewhere and you can generate public links to them, then those links can be bulk imported. But if you want your images stored in Glide (which is recommended), then they need to be uploaded one by one.

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