Help with Query and ArrayFormula

Spreadsheet setup:

I am trying to build an app which has employee profiles, skills with different hourly $ values, and keeps track of which employees have which skills. I want to show an employee’s highest value skill on their profile page. I have added 2 columns on my Employees tab of the sheet above, to populate the name of their most valuable skill and the rate. I know I need to do this using ArrayFormula since I need the formula to auto populate the entire column as the database grows, but am running into trouble since you can’t use Query inside an ArrayFormula. Can anyone advise on a workaround? I’ve been trying various approaches including SORTN to get the top skill sorted by the price but doesn’t seem to work right in arrayformula either :frowning:

Check out this sheet. I put in descriptions of what I did. Let me know if you have any questions.

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