How to use arrayformula with Query

I want to use Query with Arrayformula

=QUERY(Result!A2:K,“select E where (B=”&B2&" and D="&C2&")")

Any help please.

QUERY is not supported by GSheet with ARRAYFORMULA.

BUT, I think you’ll find help here (or on other sites/forums ) :

One thing I’ve done is create another sheet and use a query or a simple formula like ={Result!A:K} to fill it with duplicate data from the original sheet. Then in the next available column I add the query formula and drag it down 1000 or 2000 rows. =QUERY(Result!A$2:K,“select E where (B=”&B2&" and D="&C2&")"). You can either use the new sheet in the app, or put a formula in column L or the original sheet and use the formula ={NewResultSheet!L:L} to populate the data in query results in the original sheet.


Part of the puzzle I needed to bundle related items in a sheet. Thanks @Jeff_Hager