Help with math table

In google sheet i use this.

how would i be able to do 1 a simple math.
= sum(sumproduct($C$7,$D$7,$E$7)$D$1%)
2, *50%)
{Price * q} * 50%
25 * 2 * 50%

This shouldn’t be rocket since. I am sure glide has this implemented already?

multiply by 0.5… or 50/100… if you use 50% as variable

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Thank you for the fast response. Very easy.

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What about q * price - q * cost * Selected/100

Seems as the math is off.

Update: (q1*price - q2 * cost) * (Selected/100)

Keep in mind math order of operations (PEMDAS). If Price-Q2 is supposed to be calculated before being multiplied with the other numbers, then it should be in parenthesis so it’s calculated first. Otherwise you can get very different results.

Can you give me on example of a If Price-Q2 Like if Checked etc…

(q1*(price - q2) * cost) * (Selected/100)

I don’t know if that matches what you want your math to do, but that would be my first guess. Math inside parenthesis is always done first.

Do we know if we can do somthing like this?

If (e|d = true) income - your profit

No you can’t combine math and if logic in a single column. (You can if you get really creative, but it’s almost impossible to explain the process of how I have done it). Instead, have an IF column return a number, else 1, or 0, or whatever the alternative number should be. Then incorporate that returned IF value in your math column.

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Ok i have a col with if 0,1 now how do i impalement it?

you have to create two math columns for true and false, then use if-else column to bring up the right math

@Jeff_Hager is saying it can be done in the math section.

what he is saying is the same as what I said, but reverse… he is first IF-Else the problem and then do the math…

I would like to do the if else and then the math since i have alot of math col.

if you have a lot… then I would recommend doing it my way… you gonna get lost in if-else first

I already had it your way. i will just revers it.

OK perfect got it all working. Last but not least Q. How do i sum a col into a single value?

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With a rollup column.


That looks like you’re doing a count. I thought you wanted a sum?