Help tricks - Make users say "i will go" into a event

Let’s imagine that I have an application that displays events, I would like to find a simple and effective way to add users to this event, I already have rather complex ideas for doing this, is it anyone have an idea?

The person will be added to the event by clicking on a button etc…

Create a column in your Events table called “Attendees”, and populate that with a joined list of UserID’s.


Your are the Elon Musk of Glide ! Thank you ! So more simple of my first idea :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Of course, the devil is in the details. So depending on the structure and security settings of your App, you might run into some challenges as you try to implement it.

But at a basic level, that’s generally the most efficient way to do it as it costs you zero extra rows.

To manage adding and removing users, you’ll probably want some variation of Trebuchet.

to avoid complications with removing attendants from the list, and add extra features like status (yes, no, maybe)… number of attendees guests… food allergies, and much more… I would recommend adding a new row for each attendee with the event row ID… easy to manage, add extra features or delete… also you will have a ready list of guests for sending nice PDF invitations… programs… updates

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