Help to filter specific entries in fantasy sports from a single source

Hello, I’m building a fantasy sports game and I’d hoping to allow for multiple contests to run based on the same game (as each game will have different prizes).

I have been able to build this but I am having trouble allowing multiple unique submissions for each entry.

The challenge is if the participant is in 2 unique contests that are using the same data source (i.e. the same game)… when they input their entry, it is matched against both contests. I would like to allow independant entries.

I understand I could create 2 columns in the user profile sheet, but I would like to make this very scalable and that is not my preferred solution. I’m hoping there is a way to create a relationship which can filter related items to present the right entrant in the right contest, unique to other entries using the same base source.

Seems like you can use the contest ID to build your relation and make it unique, can you confirm?

Yes that was my intention, but the challenge I’m having is I can’t seem to have it populate into the entry form when a new row is created. The contest ID lives on a different table than the game data, which is the table I’m using the have participants submit their entries.

Is it possible to switch the table I’m using to build the tab on, I will then have the value available to pull into the form?

A common way to deal with this problem is to use your User Profiles table as a storage area.
For example, you could create a “ContestID” column in your User Profiles table, and set this with an action (via a single relation) every time a user views a contest. Then when they submit an entry, you have that value available. I usually make this a User Specific column. It doesn’t have to be, but that prevents it from appearing in the associated Google Sheet, where it isn’t needed.

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Thank you! How would you approach this if you wanted to let the user join multiple contests. Let’s say I created a relationship between the user sheet and the contest entry sheet. A user has joined two contests based off the same event. Back in the user sheet I have an array (look up) of all the contests that the user has joined. Can I somehow filter the array to the specific event?

Why don’t you let them submit new entries on the contest screen so you can get the ID through the form, opposed to the game screen you’re using now?

I could do that… right now on the game screen the game has 9 elements (which represent 9 rows)… is it possible to have the contest screen populate a unique contest and element for each row?

I think I have a solution to this problem! When a user goes to the “my contests” list, I will set an action to “set column” in the user data called “pending contest entry” and then finish the action by showing details.

Now because I have added the contest to the user sheet I will be able to reference it during the entry!

I’ll give it a go and report back!