App with multiple forms

Hi, I’m having an issue with the forms component I would like to have three contest in our app where the user just has to enter Name and promo code to be entered for that specific contest.

I have created a contest sheet with all 3 contest and a contest entry sheet for the entry submissions.

I have also used a unique Id for each contest. I only want the user to be able to enter each contest once but to be able to enter all contests if they would like. So I’m using visibility to hide the entry button and show a “you have already entered this contest” text however once the user enters one of the contests the visibility feature seems to apply to the remaining contest and hides the entry button from the remaining unentered contest

I Have been trying to solve this but with no success.

One question, is the application public with email?

Could you share the link for review?

How are you setting your visibility? Is it just a relation using email?

I would create a template in both sheets. First a template in the contest sheet that joins the contest id and the signed in user’s email. Then a template in the form sheet that joins the contest id and the entry email. Use that for your relation to control visibility.

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Email and promo code relation for visibility

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Thanks for responding got a solution. thanks