Help! Sometimes the data is not displayed / updated in the layout

For example I create a new column from the data editor, then I choose the component but when I go to select the data it does not show that new column that I create. No matter how much I update the sheet, it doesn’t work.

Note: I am ok with the limits of the rows and the sheets edits

What type of column are you trying to display and in what type of scenario? Screenshots may help to explain more about what issues you may be having.

Hi, It is a basic column (user -specific)

Can you show your data editor grid and what the column configuration is there?


Why is your user rating column pointing to a list of rowIDs? That’s why it does not show in the list. Did you rename the rowID column?

You can make a user-specific column by checking the user-specific check box when you create a new one. You don’t have to rename the rowID column. You can’t use it anyway.


Ok, Now I understand my error, I did not know very well how the RowID column worked, sorry. I am a new learner.

Thank you very much.

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No worries, always let us know if you get stuck with something.

Thanks again, I’ll be here for sure

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