[Help needed] People evaluation and many to many relationships


I’m new on Glide and am struggling to achieve something that seems simple enough.

The use case
During a pre-enrollement day for a school, would-be students are evaluated on different criteria during different activities by coaches.

The data
There are 4 tables:

  • Students: name, email, coach name, coach email
  • Activities: name
  • Criteria: name
  • Evaluations: evaluation, student foreign key, activity foreign key, criteria foreign key

A student attends multiple activities
An activity has many students
An student has multiple evaluations (if there are 2 activities and 3 criteria, he will have 6 evaluations)

I planned on something very simple like this

What I’ve tried
I have a table with my students, a table for my activities, a table with attendance (=link between student and activity) and a table with my evaluations with criteria, evaluation and attendance foreign key.
I have managed to make the first screen work. For the second one, I can show all students attending the activity.

What I’m struggling with
How can I filter the evaluations table to only show those related to a specific student/activity couple ?
I would have loved to use a simple evaluation.activity_ID = selected_activity && evaluation.student_ID = selected_student but I can’t make sense of the context variables in the filters.

I’ve tried so many things on the app that it’s turned into something I can’t really show. If my explanation is not clear enough, I can tidy the app and share it here :slight_smile:

Thank you !

If you’re planning to let people have a multi-filter screen then you can use the in-app filter feature for the evaluations screen, then use a combination of student ID & activity as the filter column.

If you don’t want to join the 2 columns together, you can add 2 choice components that write to 2 user-specific columns, then add an inline list of all evaluations and filter the student ID & activity columns by the choice made in those 2 user-specific columns.

Thank you for the reply :slight_smile:

But what if I don’t want to use choices ? From a user experience perspective, it’s very bothersome when you’re evaluating multiple students at the same time to have to switch between them every time.

If there’s no other way, I’ll try it this way and see if it’s ok with the users :slight_smile:

So what’s your ideal outcome of the screen users see?

The second screen in the image in my original post : imbricated lists like this: list1 - student -> list 2 - criteria + evaluation