Help. More users than the plan business allows

I’m essentially creating a marketplace platform but I’d like the users to view items they list for sale.

However, I’m expecting a fair amount of traffic due to the type of marketplace(50/100 private users ain’t gonna cut it) and I’m wondering if there is any possible workaround to have a larger number of users

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The enterprise plan has a custom number of private users.

Glide pricing

Is your marketplace meant to be private, within a company only for instance? If not, maybe private users is not what you should be looking at :slight_smile:

You can use public users, but it will take longer to implement the workaround.

I can do that for you or book a consultation hour with me.

It’s going to be public

In a public setting, you can have unlimited visitors… since it is a market App, you don’t need to have sign-in users… only sellers need to sign in to create sale items and relations…