Help in configuring jobs to client relationship


I have setup an app for photo shoots. Each photo shoot has a client.
I have a tab setup to enter/record the jobs and a tab to list the clients.

When a user is creating a job I want them to select a client from the list of clients in the client tab or, if it is a new client to add a new one.

I have worked out how to add a button to add a new client via a form, but I can’t work out how to show a selection list from within the job booking tab.

I think this is a newbie issue so any help appreciated?

HI, before I can help, can you define “user” vs “client” from your request? I imagine, if I’m following you correctly, is that you’ll have a list of clients (perhaps in a tiles view) where there will be a description of the client and then a button to book a job with that client?

Hi Robert,
Thanks for offering to help.
User would be the logged in user. Assume he is a photographer.
The user would log a new photography job to complete for a client.
Then yes there is a list of clients that is cross-linked to the jobs tab.

Gotcha. Probably would be easiest then to include the button within the client details view and have it record to the jobs sheet.

Thanks. I think I understand. I’m just trying to avoid users needing to go between different tabs to be able to create a new job (primary use) whilst choosing or adding a client.

Are you suggesting that I use the client tab as the ‘primary’ tab and for the user to then either select an (existing client) or create a new client, and the go into the client details to add a job job against the client?

Many thanks

That would be the most straight forward way, yes. This way, you can pass the clients details “behind the scenes” as part of the form submission via the “columns section” within the form button configuration.

Thanks for that. I’ll give that a go and see. I’ll have to learn about the columns component!

As an aside. How do I go about using the client image that it stored in the clients tab as the main image in the jobs tab. So that each jobs banner image is the client photo. I can’t work out how to do this!

The image needs to be formatted as a URL to the image. If you’ve uploaded the image directly to sheets or if you’re using the =image() formula, you’ll need to adjust.

Great. That image solution works. Thanks

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