HELP: Filtering a list where each item has 2 or more options

Ive got 4 locations that offer up to 3 unique services.

Location 1 offers 3/3 services
Location 2 offers 2/3 services
Location 3 offers 2/3 services
Location 4 offers 2/3 services

I want to have a tab of services and a tab of locations that when a user chooses a service, they are left to choose from the locations that offer that service.

Meaning, in this scenario, if user chooses a service that isn’t offered by locations 2-4 they are left with location 1 to choose.

I can not for the life of me figure out an elegant way to solve this. I have had to manually add in rows and set filters based on those manually entered rows instead of allowing the admin to enter/edit these services/locations from within the app.

For your locations tab, create 3 array columns; services offered 1, services offered 2, services offered 3.
Fill tgese withe services for each location, leave the 3rd column blank if only 2 services are offered.

These columns will automatically combine to form one array column in GDE.
Now create a relation between services and locations using the array column.


Thank you Manan! I figured it out about a half hour ago. It’s so much cleaner than my previous attempt.