How can i create multiple filters?

Let’s say i have a list of restaurants . I want my users to filter these restaurants by different amenities. For example, Dogs Allowed, Free Wi-Fi, Offers Takeout and etc. Some restaurant have several amenities. How can i do that?


Now you can use the new Query column and do it easier, take a look at this good video: 🧲 The QUERY Column: One Column to Rule Them All!


Hi! Thank you for your reply.
Could you please explain how can i implement this feature in my situation?

Are you storing a list of comma-delimited amenities for your restaurants table?

I used boolean colums:


How many types of amenities do you have? And do you plan to add more to this?

I think you should switch to a comma-delimited list, it’s fewer columns to manage. Use a multiple choice component pointing to a list of possible amenities.

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