Hello from Sweden

Hello Glide Community!

I’m Annika from Stockholm, Sweden. I’ve just created my first app in Glide as part of the curriculum in Makerpads No-Code Fundamentals course.

See you in the forums!
Best regards,


Welcome to the family!

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Hello :wave:

Welcome, I bet it’s cold in Stockholm this time of year?

Before you know it you will be building more and more apps, it’s addictive you know :wink:

Wishing you great success with your new app.


Welcome to Glide!

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Thanks! And thanks for your quick reply to my question! :slight_smile:

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Actually it +4 C in Stockholm today. Leave it up to you if you think it’s cold or not :slight_smile:

Thanks for encouraging words!

Seven years ago I did a formal education including how to build apps in Objective-C (the year before Swift was introduced) and half a year ago I came into this “No-Code” world and I think it’s just amazing how accessible it has become to build stuff. Even though of course it’s still a challenge to build products people actually wants :slight_smile:

Hi, Greetings from an early Makerpad member from Amsterdam!

I was in Sweden the other day to skate!

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Nice! :slight_smile: :ice_skate:

Welcome to the community @Annika_Jonsson :partying_face:

That’s not too cold, but for me still hat and gloves weather :wink:

That is the key to it. We can build apps now without much code but whether anyone wants or will use them is a whole other challenge.

Keep warm & happy holidays