Hamburger menu: hiding screens which are used?

@Darren_Murphy @ThinhDinh I want to use CSS because i want to access 3 pages from another page, each page from a different image, like a menu with the “Go to tab” action. I don’t want that pages visible in the menu, but accesible from the first page with the “Go to tab” action.

Sorry for this draw :sweat_smile:

I know i can use “Show detail screen” to create that pages individually, but that doesn’t work for me since the Page Source from the first page (page with images with “Go to tab”) and Page Source from those 3 new pages aren’t the same and i can’t access to some functionalities I created on my tables or sheets. I hope you can understand me.
Maybe it can be done in another way but I am not an expert in glide yet and I am trying different things.

I understand what you say about @AyS_0908, but my case is different because i want that pages to be accesible to anyone (without visibility conditions) but without showing it in the menu.

What i can do is hide the hamburger menu and put that pages inside, but i lose other pages i have on it