Habit Tracker - clear values for new record/day

Hi Gliders!

I need your help :grinning:
I’m building a personal habit tracker and I’m finding difficulties in resetting the checklist once I record the day.
I have a table for “Habits” from which I display a checklist with a checklist component, a record table where I store the temporary data and a “Days” table where I record the final data for each day.
As you can see in the pictures I managed to build an action that is able to clear the values in for “Productivity” and “Mood” because are two columns in the Record table but I don’t find the way to clear the values also for the checkboxes for the Habits checklist.

Do know a way to clear the values in the checklist once I’ve recorded the values for the day?


Given that it’s a reasonably short fixed list, what you could do is create a series of Single Value columns, each targeting a separate row of the Habits table, and then use a series of Set Column Values actions to clear the value in each row via the Single Value columns.

For an alternative approach to the problem, take a look at the below:


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