GroupLink Multiple Relations — Matching everything in the column EXCEPT the term in question

For GroupLink multiple relations, a term in one column has to match the same term in another column for the relationship to work. However, is there a way to get Glide to return all the rows in one column except the term in question?

Eg, (referring to the images below), I don’t want Group 1 to be able to edit their own ‘offers of funding’, but I want them to be able to offer funding to Group 2, Group3, etc, → Group 9 (ie, where the N/A’s are not).

If it’s not possible, then having an answer to my question on the YouTube tutorial might help:

Could you have more groups, or is 9 a set number?

There are 27 students in the class, 3 students per group…

I just discovered something that might work for you. I didn’t realize this was an option, but I tested it out and it seems to work.
The only change I would make would be to change your column names in the Offers of Funding sheet from “Group 1’s offer” to “Group 1”, “Group 2”, “Group 3” etc so it will be recognized as an array of Group in Glide. Then you will change your reference in the Funds Available sheet to look like this “GroupLink=Offers of Funding:Group:Multiple”. Finally back in the Offers of Funding sheet, add each groups code under the Group columns with the except of the groups own code. In the app, glide will look at all the group columns to find a matching reference.


Hi Jeff, thanks very much for that. I’ll check it out.

Out of curiosity, why do you manually create a relations column in sheets eg ‘GroupLink=Offers of Funding:Group:Multiple’?

When I try to manually add one instead of through Glide, Glide informs me that a relations column does not exist.

How are you getting around that? Do I HAVE to use the term ‘GroupLink’?



I’m just used to setting up the relations column in the sheet because that was the only way to do it before glide added the option in the data tab. I’m stuck in my old ways and it’s easier for me to visualize the data connections before building the app. You can create the reference within glide and it should still work the same. Whatever is easiest for you.

Did you reload the sheet after adding the reference and before trying to add the inline list? That could be why it was showing that no references existed. You can use whatever term you want.
Edit: there might be an issue because you already have a column named group in your Offers sheet. Change the array of columns in your Offers sheet from Group 1, Group 2 to GroupKey 1 and GroupKey 2. Then you can change your reference in the sheet to point to GroupKey instead of Group.

Grouplink is just a column heading and I was just copying what you already had in your Funds Available sheet. The value you would put under Grouplink is the group code for that particular group with those funds.

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