Grouping data by email/user (Glide Pages)

I’ve viewed videos and this community forms to see how to do this, but no one has asked the question.

I’m building in Glide pages. I’m on the pro plan.

Issue: I would like to (1) group the list of contacts by email/user with a list as there are multiple of the same right now (i.e. warm leads picture) and then (2) allow the person to view that specific user’s full activity on the second page (i.e. activity timeline picture).

On the first page I only want to see all the users grouped based on email. The second page I only want to see Daily’s activity.

Any way I can do this?

Much thanks!

Your fist list should point to your users table.
When you click on a user, you have to have a relation in your database, the links the activity log back to each user.
Check this out: Relations - Glide Library

Could you clarify? I’m not sure what you mean.

Do you have an existing table that lists each name only once?

I don’t. Just one sheet with all names and duplicates.

So, you want the Warm Leads table to be your driver to get to the related Activity table? If so, is there a particular row in your leads table that you want to be the unique row. Would it be the first unique name, the last unique name, or it doesn’t matter as long as it’s unique?

I’d love name would be the unique identifier.

Or the email would make sense for the identifier. Or as long as it is unique.

If you’re using Google Sheets as your database, just create a new sheet and use the UNIQUE() function to list every name once. I would still create a Row ID in Glide as that would be the best unique identifier, but email might be fine. I have families that often share an email, so it wouldn’t work for me…

From that Sheet create a relation to your larger sheet based on the identifier you chose.

Take a look at this and let me know if you have questions. The trick is to mark each row with a boolean when it’s the first occurrence and then filter a list by that boolean. That list will then show each name only once.

Then you will also need a multiple relation linking the leads table to the activity table. When you click on a lead in your list, you can display all related activities by adding an inline list sourced from that relation.

I believe I’m following your instructions. However, it’s not letting me pick the multi relation field for the button. What am I missing? Much thanks!!

chrome-capture (41)

What you want to do is go to the details of that lead item. Inside of the lead details is where you can add a list (collection) that uses the relation.

Hi @Klasser_Team :wave: What you’re doing is really interesting. It seems like you building a CRM/portal to track leads.

It got me wondering if you plan to use your portal on top of your CRM (for instance HubSpot, Pipedrive, Zoho, etc.) or if your Glide project will be your CRM altogether?

Did it. But now the problem is that it shows up for the same person “Daily” even when I click on “David”.

Hey there! I am kinda…for my marketing clients.

It’s a mini CRM and lead tracking system based on email activity. The glide project will the CRM all together mostly.

Which action are you using for the button? How is it configured?

The action is “Show New Screen”.

Screen Shot 2022-02-23 at 12.15.05 PM.png

You should be showing new screen → This Item, or actually Show Detail. You are just redirecting to the entire sheet, which defaults to the first row in that sheet. It needs to know which item (Name) you selected, then the next screen will be connected to the correct row.

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