Greetings, from notARobot, my name is Jessica

I am a teacher and I’m always looking for new interesting ways to connect curriculum to real things the students experience. I love teaching kids about spreadsheets because there are so many places they can be used to provide efficiency, and when I stumbled on this I got really excited, but I’m struggling. I feel like I’m having to relearn how to use a spreadsheet! It’s slow going and sometimes frustrating but mostly I’m excited to get things figured out so I can share knowledge! Currently I’m working on creating a small chores/rewards app for my family. They love being on their tech and I think if they can see a checklist on the phone or ipad to remind them there is real world things that need doing it may help me come home to a clean house! WISH ME LUCK!


:wave: Jessica

This is much more than spreadsheets! More fun & more functionality.

Welcome to the powerful world of RELATIONAL databases over Google Sheets via Glide data computed columns and mobile interface.

I suggest you to study the Computed Columns reference here:

Community is very active and kind and there’s lot of people always available to help to others.

Have fun!

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Hi Jessica, it’s our honour here to help new members so please let us know if you need assistance.