Google Slides Component

I use this app to link to google slides games I’ve made for students. On google sites I can add a component that has google slideshow right there in the site. I know this would take some development so I thought I’d leave this suggestion!


What do you mean,


I use hyper links and animations to make google slides that are playable as a point/click adventure game for my 2nd grade classroom.

Amazing. Could you share a link of one of them?

Sure. Here’s one from our halloween level. I use it for read aloud practice, and has some math/ grammar review as well.

Haunted Mansion


@Mr_Watkin Very cool look and presentation of the slides. I had no idea you could do all of that with Google Slides. Great job!

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@Mr_Watkin I just :heart: your post because that presentation was just so amazing. Could you tell me how you made it?

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Beautiful :heart:

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I love it. You are a genius! (Or your apps are really cool.) :smiley:

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I totally missed this post!! @Mr_Watkin I started using Glide to help make things easier for my FB group to search a large database of Google Slides games. PM me if you’d like access to that bank of resources! I’d be more than happy to share. A lot of the files are specific to the teaching company we all work for, but a lot of them are applicable to the brick and mortar classroom as well.


Hey @Mr_Watkin,

Awesome job! I have been creating an app for my Spanish 1 class and your app gave me a couple of ideas. I hope you have the time to help me with it.


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Awesome well done.
Seriously did you create it with google slides?

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Great job. I love it.!

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Mesmerizing! Couldn’t stop going through it! Truly amazing - especially with Slides!

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Thank you all! Yes, these were made in slides. I have a years worth of them that all tell the story of the “Guardians” traveling the high seas. Each new level is a different theme/world that somehow aligns with the content I’m teaching.

Since i was just using these in my classroom, the images/gifs should be “fair use”, but due to the amount of people requesting that I sell and share, I’ve started making completely original game work available on TPT and my Boom Learning store.

I have a LOT of freebies and discounts going right now. In fact if you buy a bundle now at the current price, you’re going to be getting a steal because I’m still adding games to them all the time (which you would get for free).

Right now most of the available games run using Boom Cards, which is free for unlimited student play (you can pay a membership fee to get upgraded stats and personalized student accounts to track their responses, but the free version is fine for most!) Just assign the link to google classroom or put it in your glide app and you are good to go!

A few of the freebies are COMPLETE games with no limits, to give you an example of my work!


BoomCards (Direct)

Let me know if there are any issues with downloads or getting them to work. I’m happy to help. Leave feedback if you find something! :slight_smile:

-Jake “Captain Mario”


Yes! Slides as a component or data source as well as a Google Sites webview? Great job, Mr. Watkin.


Using slides in webview components to isn’t always the best experience, especially with a few that have sound effects. I really wish there was a dedicated component for slides, like there is on Google Sites. But I’m doing my best to make it work for now!