Google sheets date functions in Glide

Hi Guys,
I would like to build a statistic chart in one of my (numerous) apps.
I Would like to know if it is possible in Glide to extract a month out of a date (i.e 12/4/2020 into “December”)
In Google sheet I used =UPPER(TEXT(cell,“MMMM”). however it requires for me to log into the source sheet and update the formula manually.
Is there another way to make my life easier?
Merci beaucoup mes chéris

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Hi @Fanny_Ditomene_Sekwe,

Yes this is possible. Add a new math column.

In the configuration, have something like. Month(m)

Then in replacement, have “m” replace by the date.

I hope this works for you.


Hi @SantiagoPerez,

Many thanks the trick. I need one extra step. I applied an IF>THAN>ELSE Column to convert the number into Actual Month.

God bless you


Heads up, It also works with years Years(y) !!!whoop whoop :heart_eyes: