Get month from date as plain text

I’d like to add another column and extract the month from the date captured. I’ve done this in number format but I want to have it in text format as well.

For example, if a record was captured with the date Friday, June 10, 2022 the month number column will say 6 and the month text column will say June.

add a column that has all month’s names, a column with corresponding month numbers, and a relation column to connect month number with your math column, and the last column… a lookup column to for this relation to show text month name…
I see that you are doing business operating hours… it is a very complex task… you can find inspiration in my app:

Hi Uzo, thanks for your comment. It’s actually not complicated at all. I’ve already finished the app, it’s used to capture odometer readings for delivery drivers. Here are the two sheets that capture data and sum them by month:

I’m just wanting to add one last thing and that is getting the month text out of the date captured so that I can group by month in my list of captures displayed to the user. At the moment I am using the month number as a placeholder:

i did grouping by months in my other app… check it out…

I already have the month number extracted from the date:

I’m sure there’s a simple way to extract the month in text format. I’ll figure it out, thanks.

you have month’s names and assigned numbers, now just relate these numbers to your math column extracting month numbers… do lookup for month name…
that’s all… you can change math precision so it doesn’t look weird :wink:

You can skip the relation and the lookup.
Just adjust the math column so that it returns the month index number, eg Month(date)-1
And then use a Single Value to get the month name, selecting the “month index” from the start.

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single value? he has to assign deferent names to all rows…


Screen Shot 2022-03-22 at 3.48.56 PM


this is a different kind of magic :wink:

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Thanks, Darren. I’ve adjusted as you mentioned but am having trouble using the month name column to group records in my list. Doesn’t display any data.

What you have there looks okay, but I’m aware that there have been several date-related issues with Glide recently.

Here is something to try:

  • Remove the Grouping on your Inline List
  • Set the Inline List so that it displays the Month Name as the Details

Examine what you see, and check if it looks correct. ie. correct month name assigned to each record.

Edit: Actually, what are you using as the source of that Inline List? You have no filter applied, so even if the grouping isn’t working, you should still see records. The only other thing that might trip things up is Row Owners.

Might want to double check your numbering if you still have this.