Google Maps Geocoding integration not working

I am using the Google Maps integration to help users lookup and confirm addresses - this works.

Then I have another column that looks up the lat-lon on the inputted address using the same API key, but this isn’t working (or rather seems to work one out of ten times). Maybe I don’t have something set up right in Google? Any ideas or guidance would be appreciated.

Can you explain more about this part? What is your current flow? Do you allow users to add address in text, then use Google Maps to convert that to coordinates?

@ThinhDinh , sorry for the slow reply.

I have a user-specific table into which the user starts typing an address, then the next column uses google complete to finish the address, and a third column looks up the lat-lon also from the first column (assuming once completed with a google-found address). I’m thinking I can’t use the google integration twice in a single row. Is there another way?

Ok, I took a different approached. Use google address complete in this form, then using Radar geo coder in another table. Seems to be working.

But I’m getting a bug in a mapbox viewer - is showing the a location in US when should be in Turkey. Any experience with that? In a different view the location is correct, so not sure why it’s not consistently working.

I assume you should be using the lat-lon lookup on the address lookup column? There would be no problems with configuring it that way, either using Google or Radar.

Can you show us how you’re configuring that? There should be no bugs if the coordinates are correct.

I figured out the error on the second issue - the map was not looking at the correct coordinates field.

On the first issue, I am using Google for the address completion, and Radar for the lat-lon lookup, and this is working.

Thanks @ThinhDinh !!

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Is there a reason you don’t use Radar or Google for both? If I recall right they do offer both features.

I am using Google because the address lookup is better outside the US. But I can’t get it to also do the lat-lon. Creating two Google lookups is creating some kind of issue. When I swap out the lat-lon with Radar, it works 100% of the time. That’s why I’m using both.

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Thanks for clarifying. Sounds like a bug to me if the Google lookups is not working, but glad you find a way to work with them.