Google gmail and calendar integration error

Hi Gliders,

Yesterday I reseted my Google workspace account’s password and since then my gmail and calendar integrations have stopped working even after reconnecting the integration.

Everytime the app triggers an action using these integrations it keeps giving me this error: “Could not validate access token”.

Anyone knows how to fix this?

Reconnecting the integration should theoretically “reauthorize” the connection, so I’m not sure why it would work, do you have any ideas @NoCodeAndy ?

I’ve seen this happen before with Google auth.

@Mikaeldorval - Have you opened a support ticket yet?

Also: What’s your Team ID and App ID?

Your Team ID is in the URL of your Glide dashboard, e.g.

Your App ID is in the URL of the Glide builder, e.g.

I’ll take a look.

Here’s my team ID: QsfaeNv8P0NfgnQ0mEvV

Here’s my app ID: OQRlPwrLjhdQUF0qJVRE


I have the same problem. After I connect the glide app to my Google workspace. My gmail and calendar integrations have stopped after a while. It keeps giving me "Could not validate access token’

The problem happened when I changed my connected account from normal google account to google workspace. So I guess some authority access issue happened.