Google Form make User Specific

Dear Glide Community,

I am facing the following problem:
I would like to create a google form that is tied to the user.
Of course there is the option to just simply ask for the name in the form but I was wondering if I can create some kind of relation/ if then/… task to automatically have the user’s name on the excel sheet after the user has completed the google form.

Thank you in advance for your help already & happy new year to everyone.
Have a great 2021!

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If your form is set to automatically collect email addresses, then you could create a relation from your User Profiles sheet to your Form Response sheet based on email address. Then you would have access to all information available in your User Profiles for any that match.

Thank you! That’s an option for sure.
Though, how can I set in the app that the form is supposed to collect the E-Mail address automatically?

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Thank you!