Google Cloud SQL connection issues

I’ve managed to successfully link my glide app to google cloud sql. I can go in to add a table, and I get a list of the available schemas and tables, but when I actually go to add it, I get the following error popup: " Oh sheet! app is not allowed to use this plugin"

I have the required account type and i’ve checked my connection information, but nothing seems to work.

Do you have any insights on this @NoCodeAndy ?

Tried again this morning, now I’m just getting this:

Which is not super helpful in troubleshooting.

Thanks for the tag @ThinhDinh.

@James_Haarbauer - What’s your Team ID and App ID?

Your Team ID is in the URL of your Glide dashboard, e.g.

Your App ID is in the URL of the Glide builder, e.g.

App ID

Team ID

Thanks! Looks like you’ve opened a support ticket with us as well.

I’ll add this thread to the notes and follow up with our support team. :+1:

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