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Thanks guys,
So I tried to remove the ‘e’ parameter:

function onChange(){
var ActiveSheet = SpreadsheetApp.getActiveSpreadsheet().getSheetByName(“Next Event”);
if(range.getColumn() == 4 && range.getRow() >1){

And it is now failing with an “ReferenceError: range is not defined at onChange(Code:5:1)” error message when trying to trigger from Glide by incrementing D2 cell value.

Can you have a sheet with dummy data and your script so we can jump in and help?

Yeah, samples would help. You can’t just chop out code without accounting for that change. The script needs to be completely reworked because the event parameter isn’t passed in.

This is now resolved. I rewrote the script a bit to bypass the event thing he used at the start.

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