Google Apps Script Webapp Integration problem with Glide App

Hello everyone,

I’m having a problem trying to integrate a Google Apps Script webapp with a Glide app. The goal is to trigger a webapp via a button in Glide.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

I’ve created a Google Apps Script webapp that works perfectly when I test it directly in my browser. Google authentication is required to access it.
I then integrated the webapp URL into Glide using a button that is supposed to trigger the webapp.
When I test the button in Glide, I get an error instead of the expected result. Specifically, the window displays a Google Drive error saying that an error has occurred.

What do you mean by integrating? Fetching, embedding, Glide API ?


Thank you for your question. By “integration”, I mean that I have configured a button in my Glide application that uses the “Open Link” action to open a Google Apps Script webapp in the user’s browser. Here are the steps I hoped to achieve:

User interaction: The user clicks on the button in the Glide application.
Open Link" action: This button is configured with the “Open Link” action, which is supposed to open the URL of the Google Apps Script webapp.
Webapp execution: The user is redirected to the URL of the webapp, which is supposed to execute in the user’s browser.
Expected response: The webapp executes the expected function and displays the expected result in the user’s browser.
The problem I’m having is that when I click on the “Open Link” button in Glide, I get an error instead of being redirected to the webapp. This error does not occur when I open the URL directly in a browser, indicating that the URL is correct and the webapp is working as expected.

I’m trying to understand why the “Open Link” action fails to open the webapp correctly from Glide and how I might solve this problem. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Open the link in a new window or web view?

Does your link have exec or dev at the end?

Thanks for your questions.

When the user clicks on the “Open Link” button in my Glide app, the link is supposed to open in a new window in the default browser on the user’s device. This is not a web view built into the Glide application, but rather a redirect to the external browser.

As for the URL of my webapp, it does end with “exec”, indicating that I’m using the published version of the application. For example, the URL would look something like this

If it does not have a /exec at the end, you did not deploy it correctly…
did you set deployment access to anyone?
Can you share the link here or in PM?

the URL of the webapp I’m using for the “Open Link” action ends in /exec, indicating that I’m using the URL of the deployed version of the application.
Here’s a confirmation of the deployment parameters:
Running as: The webapp is configured to run as my user account.
Application access: I’ve set application access to “Everyone”, which means that anyone, including anonymous users, can use the webapp without authentication.


I can’t help you more without seeing the link or the app.
It is not a Glide problem; most of my Glide apps are integrated with GAS, and I do not have any issues.

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