Glide's Penetration Test Report

Hi Community,

Recent Glide user and created our first ever glide app and want to trail it for my company.

Naturally, there’s a lot of security concerns surrounding Glide, and I’m kind of the ambassador pushing for the adoption of Glide.

Of the many security concerns they have (another is SSO, in particular Glide integration with Okta, which I’m still investigating) is they’ve requested a Penetration Test Report, which Glide referenced in their security white paper here.

As I’m not able to request anything directly from Glide it seems, does anyone know if this report is publicly available? Or how I can request for it?

We’re a startup, but a unicorn, so it’s a great opportunity for Glide if I can convince the security team o adopt glide.

Have you tried emailing Glide support? They are usually super helpful.

Stupidly, no, as I assumed maybe it was publicly available.
But will ask them.

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Straight from the link you referenced:

Penetration Testing
Glide uses specialist security consulting firms to complete penetration tests on our infrastructure. You can request the results of our latest penetration test by emailing

Wow, how did I miss that?
Thank you.

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