AI Integration - security

Dear all,
While the new features look really great, they create a new/old issue - security. Posting PDF files to Google or Glide tables is one thing, making them available to third party AI services another.

Posting customer orders or employee CVs for that matter may be seen by some as a security issue.

Is Glide going to claim some security standard?

I think Glides version of openAI is more secure than the general public’s. Data from enterprise users of openAI is not used in anyway for training (Glide being the Enterprise user here)… you don’t have to take my word for it… check out David’s explanation @ ~40 min :wink:

Hope this helps!


Here’s a summary in bullet points of the video, using Claude:

  • Glide is a no-code tool for building custom business software. It started by turning Google Sheets into mobile apps, but has expanded into a powerful platform.
  • Glide aims to help companies build internal software that feels as modern and usable as consumer apps. It adapts the layout to any device and focuses on mobile support.
  • Glide has 3 main parts: synced data tables, self-designing layouts that adapt to devices, and a workflow editor to add logic and connect to other services.
  • This year, Glide focused on adding AI capabilities to make the apps more powerful, not just easier to build.
  • Glide AI columns let you give the AI instructions to summarize text, categorize/tag data, make recommendations, etc. It’s like having a fast assistant edit your spreadsheet.
  • You can build AI features like sentiment analysis of feedback, automatically assigning tickets to the right teams, and prioritizing urgent issues reported by tenants.
  • Glide AI is “managed AI” - it handles complexity like caching, model selection, upgrading models, etc behind the scenes.
  • Glide AI is multimodal - it can work with text, images, audio, etc and picks the best AI model for each use case.
  • Programming the AI is like writing a specification - you iterate to make the instructions more accurate over time.
  • Glide AI makes it easy for non-technical people to put custom AI capabilities into their no-code apps.

Watched it, did not catch any reference to security or confidentiality, could you Please point me to the respective sequence?

At the 40 minute mark the security question is asked and answered.

Hi Eric,
question has been asked - agreed. In terms of the answer I am were I was before…according to the answer I can request the contracts…ok…where can I get them?