Security of Glideapps platform?

Does Glide have a 27001 ISO Certification and get regular penetration testing?

We have users asking for this - and saying they don’t want to add data until this is the case.

Can you clarify what the situation is?


I’m surprised there aren’t any responses to this. Shouldn’t it be a key item to provide transparent information on?

I think there are two parts to this. The first part would relate to the Glide backend infrastructure. Most of us in the community are not in any position to speak to this (which may help explain the lack of responses), so you are best to contact Glide Support (

The second part would relate to applications built using the Glide platform. If you are building an app for a paying client, then the security of that app is essentially your responsibility. The Glide Security Centre provides best practice recommendations for building secure apps, and securing sensitive data. And there are active and knowledgeable members of the community that will be willing to provide advice and guidance on specific aspects related to app security.


We get regular penetration tests, but we have no ISO certifications yet.


Thanks for clarification. I understand that there are high costs involved with ISO.