GlideApps company VAT number

Good afternoon everyone, in order to register Glideapps in my accounting, I need to know the VAT number of Glideapps, does anyone know it? I can’t find it anywhere
Thank you.

You can contact support here:

Hello there @titan85 :wave:

I just looked at my invoices from Glide and don’t see a line for VAT, and I was not expecting to.

As far as I know, if you are located in a country in the EU, whenever you purchase something, on the receipt or the invoice you will see 3 lines: net (=netto), VAT (sales tax), gross (=brutto) and needless to say netto+VAT=brutto.

When I purchase something in or from the US (typically online), I never see a line called VAT. Even if it were there, I would not be allowed to use that figure in my accounting because I would not be collecting VAT for the EU country I am in.

I have no idea about these sales taxes considerations outside of the EU and the US.

(I’m no accountant. Others might experience this differently.)


Hi there @nathanaelb @eltintero,
Thank you very much for your answers.
I have already been able to speak with Glideapps support, and they told me that VAT does not exist in US companies, it is only for European companies.
In US companies there is the EIN.

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