Good evening everyone, new to glide, I will explain my problem to you. I would like that when I enter something in a cell, the others will automatically increment in relation to my Excel file.

Can you explain what you refer to as “the others” here? What is your use case for this?

Hello thanks
Yes no sorry easy to explain
Imagine in my excel sheet
5 columns with the values ​​1 2 3 4 5
When I hit 1 in a glide change
234and 5 automatically come to register

Thank you for your help

So what do you have in Glide? Do you mean you have an entry component that writes to one of those columns and when you do so, the other values will be written somewhere?

hello and thank you yes this is exactly what I need

Can you share some screenshots so we can better understand? It’s still not clear to me what the use case is. What do you do with those numbers?

attached the form I would like that when I note the number in unit it can fill me in the registration and model fields which is on the same line in my Excel file thank you

If I’m understanding you, if you enter 8787878 into the Unit column, you want the Registration column to automatically populate with 8787879 and the Model column to automatically populate with 8787880?

That won’t be possible in a native form. If you are willing to not show the Registration and Model entry components in the form, then you could instead create math columns in the table that represent the Registration and Model values and just add 1 and 2 respectively to the value in the Unit column.

no sorry I explained you badly because of my figures attached a concrete example it is about vehicle

OK, that will still be tricky with a native glide form. It sounds like what you really need is a relation and lookup columns to retrieve the Registration and Model from the table that contains that information based on the Unit number. Like I mentioned in my earlier post, you could choose not to show the Registration and Model in the form, but only get the Unit from the user. In the table that you write the form results to, you could put your relation and lookup columns there. Then you can get the information from another table based on that unit number without actually having to write the information to the table. The reason you can’t show the matching vehicle in the form is because the relation won’t work until the form is submitted.

Instead I would consider using a custom form. It’s more work to build, but it would allow you to enter the Unit, then immediately show the Registration and Model from the resulting lookup columns, and pass them through an add row action on a button in the custom form. It’s hard to explain the whole process, but I’m confident that it would work once you learn how a custom form works.

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hello and thank you i will look into it

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